Health & Safety

A safe and healthy worker is a motivated worker. Safety in the workplace encourages productivity and self-confidence, and GMDC has always prioritised the safety of its employees.

Mines Safety Week Celebrations
  • Under the guidance of the Directorate General of Mines Safety, safety week is celebrated every year in Gujarat.
  • Every year has seen more participation, enthusiasm and awareness.
  • Various trade tests, competitions, and award ceremonies take place.
  • The Swachhata and Silicosis Awareness week is also celebrated.
Scientific Studies
  • Studies and monitoring programs are carried out to determine slope stability and ensure the safety of working pit slopes, ultimate pit slopes, and dump slopes.
  • Reputed institutions like IIT-Kharagpur, CSIR-CIMFR, IIT (ISM), IIT (BHU) carry out these scientific studies.
  • Further studies also take place to improve equipment safety.
Slope Stability Radar (SSR)
  • On 10th March 2018 at Amod’s Lignite mine, GMDC successfully installed and commissioned a Slope Stability Radar (SSR), a major milestone for the company.
  • The SSR monitors in real time the displacement of strata and predicts any failure well in advance.
  • It provides sufficient time for workers and machinery to withdraw from slope-prone areas.
Safety Management Plans (SMPs)
  • Aligned with regulation 104, all of GMDC’s mines have well-defined SMPs.
  • SMPs enable hazard identification and risk assessment and help with self-regulation.
Emergency Response and Evacuation Plans

Well-framed emergency and evacuation plans are in place to deal with any kind of emergency.

Mock Drills
  • Periodic mock drills are conducted in mines to improve safety and response times.
Safety Gadgets
  • Workers are provided PPE.
  • Truck drivers and other helpers entering mines are also equipped with PPE.
Code of Practice
  • A Code of Practice has been set up to safeguard workers and to prevent unsafe working conditions.
Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) help identify risks and hazards in operations.
  • As per Rule 29 B of Mines Rules 1956, GMDC established hospitals/dispensaries at our Panandhro, ATPS Nani Chher, Rajpardi, and Gadhsisa projects. Medical officers have been appointed for assistance.
  • All mines/project areas have first aid rooms and ambulances.
  • Workers undergo initial and periodic medical examinations.
Vocational Training
  • As per Mines Vocational Training Rules, 1966, vocational training centres have been established at all mines.
  • Periodic training are conducted, with refresher trainings every 5 years.

Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades
A 5-Star Rating

A “Star Rating System” has been instituted by the Ministry of Mines through the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM). 5 stars are awarded to those mining leases for exemplary efforts and initiatives taken to implement the Sustainable Development Framework (SDF). Since 2016, GMDC’s mines have received a 5 Star-rating.


  • Roha-Kotda Bauxite Mine
  • Naredi-Nandra Bauxite Mine
  • Mevasa Bauxite Mine


  • Roha-Kotda Bauxite Mine
  • Mevasa Bauxite Mine


  • Roha-Kotda Bauxite Mine
  • Mevasa Bauxite Mine


  • Daban-Wamoti Bauxite Mine
  • Nana Goniyasar Bauxite Mine
  • Ratadiya Nagrecha Bauxite Mine
  • Wandh-1 Bauxite Mine
Safety & Swachhata work done by Lignite Project, Rajpardi