GMDC is painstakingly cultivating a culture of building good relations with the community among which it operates, be it through acquisition of mining land form private holders through open negotiations, resettlement of project affected persons or the nurture of fragile environment in which it undertakes mining or provision of needful assistance to its neighbours.
As a corporate philosophy, GMDC has been responding to the various societal needs of remote rural areas from where mineral wealth is generated and has been lending a helping hand.Be it environmental needs, developmental needs in the form of employment generation, education, health care, water, sanitation, women empowerment or critical need at the time of natural disasters, GMDC has chosen to respond responsibly. GMDC has never ever undermined its social obligations towards the society of which it is indeed an integral part.
CSR Policy Objectives of GMDC:
  • To bring about tangible socio-economic development in CORE, BUFFER & EMERGING ZONES of GMDC, thereby improving the local community’s well-being through discretionary business practices and contribution of corporate resources;
  • To emerge as a responsible corporate leader in Sustainable CSR Initiatives through innovative partnerships/programmes, strategic collaborations, and stakeholder engagement to promote inclusive community growth.
GMDC CSR Approach & Thrust Areas:

GMDC CSR approach would be to develop and test innovative solutions to address complex social problems and leverage partnerships to scale up impact. Its approach would to:

  • Address gender diversity and inclusion of marginalized & vulnerable communities.
  • Collaboration with Industry Partners and financial Institutions esp. NABARD
  • The SSR monitors in real time the displacement of strata and predicts any failure well in advance.
  • It provides sufficient time for workers and machinery to withdraw from slope-prone areas.

GMDC CSR shall undertake select CSR activities out of the themes listed in Schedule-VII of the Companies Act as amended from time to time. The themes in the scope of CSR policy shall be interpreted liberally to capture the essence of the subjects enumerated in Schedule VII of the Companies Act. Activities undertaken in pursuance of the normal course of Business of the Company cannot be included under CSR. Any modifications in Schedule VII of the Companies Act or directions from DPE or MOC shall also be deemed to have been incorporated in the scope of CSR policy of GMDC from the date of such changes being notified by the Government.

GMDC CSR – Project participants:

GMDC CSR shall work with Children, Youth, Women, farmers, and Households across core areas & Buffer zone.

Children: Investing in education for all.
Youth (Girls & Boys): Harnessing the potential of young India.
Women: Empowerment & livelihood programs.
Rural Households: Empowering farmers and rural entrepreneurs
Social Sector Initiatives- change makers: Creating change makers for a better world.

Prime Focus Areas:

Skill Ecosystem Focused Transformation

  • Skill development training for unemployed youth for better employability & to promote self-employment; Specialised training in the Mining sector in collaboration with key industry leaders as partners through set up of specialised such training centres/ utilizing existing facilities
  • Introduce farmer’s producer’s company Imparting training in agriculture to Small farming villages to enhance productivity;
  • Livelihood enhancement Projects for women through women Federation and linkages with NABARD;
  • Development of necessary infrastructures
  • Any other related activity.
Promotion of Quality & Inclusive Education Special Focus on Core Areas in which GMDC Projects are Located
  • Construction of specialised school buildings and set up of school for the children of surrounding community from Core & Buffer zone
  • To promote Technical/ professional/ medical education by giving financial assistance/opening institutions and providing infrastructural support to promote education in Project areas in core areas
  • Facilities include boundary walls, separate toilets for boys & girls and provision of drinking water
  • Scholarships/fellowships to deserving students to encourage education.
  • Integrate computer literacy and technology-assisted learning in existing schools
  • To set up/ promote higher education through special coaching/ inputs to bridge the gap for deserving students. - Accelerated Learning Model
  • Introduce programs for slow learner’s students
  • Focus on preschool education in Anganwadi
  • Any other activity to promote education in project areas
Health- Addressing Gaps through Access & Availability
  • Promoting Preventive healthcare through the operation of Mobile Medical Vans, the establishment of static Health Clinics, etc.
  • Free treatment to the indigenous community by setting-up GMDC CSR Project Hospitals in Core areas;
  • Organizing periodic health camps in collaboration with State Medical Agencies;
  • High-quality health care skilling linked with employment
  • Any other related activity.
Drinking-Water Including Integrated Water Shed Development & Sanitation

Skill Ecosystem Focused Transformation

  • Setting up effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants;
  • Drinking water provision” Ghar Ghar Nal” in collaboration with Jal Jeevan mission
  • Promotion of sanitation through the proper drainage system and construction of toilets;
  • Providing for construction of household toilets
  • Any other related activity including integrated watershed development.
Ensuring Climate Action & Environmental Sustainability
  • Afforestation: Plantation of indigenous plants through afforestation at GMDC Projects.
  • Biodiversity and Wildlife Management: Bio-diversity management for conservation of native species of the region and maintaining existing ecological processes.
  • Non-Conventional Energy: Promote the use of non-conventional energy.
  • Water Conservation: Promote watershed development/water harvesting/water conservation measures.
  • Focus on climate-proofing the livelihoods of small and marginal farmers to the increasingly adverse impacts of climate change by pushing or nudging them to adopt climate-friendly technologies and farming practices
  • Any other related activity.
Conservation of Heritage, Art and Culture
  • Restoration of Buildings and Sites of Historical importance and works of Art
  • Setting up Public Libraries
  • Promotion and development of traditional Art and Handicrafts.
  • Any other related activity.
Thus, GMDC CSR Policy is aligned with national priorities, Sustainable Development Goals and Gujarat State Vision. It would hence be interweaving all the development indicators and work towards sustainable development goals.

Here is the glimpse of various CSR inititatives carried out by GMDC's various projects.

CSR Activity for Gadhsisa

CSR Activities in the field of the irrigation work carried out by GMDC Ltd., Bauxite Project, Gadhsisa

Name of the Work: Construction of various storage tank at various villages of Abdasa Taluka like Jampvaro Chhello Nani Balachod, Bidwado Chhella Nandra, Rakavado Chhello Nani Vamoti & Bhorar.
Name of Agency Vaghela Construction Company, Bhuj
Work Amount Rs. 11,05,191.00
Work Time Limit 6 Months
Work allotted by Panchayat Irrigation Division, Bhuj - Kachchh vide their letter no. AB/Tender/2011/2189-2201 dtd. 29/03/2012.
CSR Activity for Tadkeshwar
CSR Report - Rajpardi Lignite Project
CSR Activity for Panandhro

CSR Activities done by Lignite Project, Panandhro (Year 2014 - 2015)