GMDC is painstakingly cultivating a culture of building good relations with the community among which it operates, be it through acquisition of mining land form private holders through open negotiations, resettlement of project affected persons or the nurture of fragile environment in which it undertakes mining or provision of needful assistance to its neighbours.
As a corporate philosophy, GMDC has been responding to the various societal needs of remote rural areas from where mineral wealth is generated and has been lending a helping hand.Be it environmental needs, developmental needs in the form of employment generation, education, health care, water, sanitation, women empowerment or critical need at the time of natural disasters, GMDC has chosen to respond responsibly. GMDC has never ever undermined its social obligations towards the society of which it is indeed an integral part.

Here is the glimpse of various CSR inititatives carried out by GMDC's various projects.

CSR Activity for Gadhsisa

CSR Activities in the field of the irrigation work carried out by GMDC Ltd., Bauxite Project, Gadhsisa

Name of the Work: Construction of various storage tank at various villages of Abdasa Taluka like Jampvaro Chhello Nani Balachod, Bidwado Chhella Nandra, Rakavado Chhello Nani Vamoti & Bhorar.
Name of Agency Vaghela Construction Company, Bhuj
Work Amount Rs. 11,05,191.00
Work Time Limit 6 Months
Work allotted by Panchayat Irrigation Division, Bhuj - Kachchh vide their letter no. AB/Tender/2011/2189-2201 dtd. 29/03/2012.
CSR Activity for Tadkeshwar
CSR Report - Rajpardi Lignite Project
CSR Activity for Panandhro

CSR Activities done by Lignite Project, Panandhro (Year 2014 - 2015)