Captive Power
Plant in Akrimota
(2*125 MW)

GMDC’s 2X125 MW thermal power project at Nani Chher in Lakhpat Taluka, Kutch, is an important component of its initiatives at forward integration. Operational since March 2006, it obtains Lignite from its own mines located at Panandhro, Mata no Madh and Umarsar. State-of-the-art DCS technology is being used here.

Thermal Power Station Performance
Funding Pattern Total Project cost 1,395 Crores
GMDC (Equity) 20%
Financial Institution and Banks (Debt) 80%
Site Details Village Chher Nani
Taluka Lakhpat
District Kutch
State Gujarat
Nearest Town Bhuj / Gandhidham
Distance from Site 150 KM / 220 KM
Nearest Seaport Kandla - 220 KM
Nearest Airport Bhuj
Seismic Zone ZONE-V as per IS 1893 - 1975
Source of Fuel Type of Fuel Lignite
Source Existing Panandhro and captive power plant in Akrimota
District 20 KM approx
Reserves 50 Million Tonnes approx.
Type of Additive Limestone
Source Overburden from Lignite Mines
Distance 20 KM approx
Reserves 30 Million Tonnes approx
Milestones 1st Unit Synchronized 31st March 2005
1st Unit CoD 12th March 2007
2nd Unit Synchronized 19th December 2005
2nd Unit CoD 1st May 2006