Our Vision
Developing India’s Sustainable Permanent Magnet Supply Chain
We aim to develop an end-to-end REE value chain from rare earth mining, processing, separation, and end-product manufacturing. We are coming up with one of the world’s top rare earths processing hubs in India. The hub will bring together the entire REE value chain and enable players to engage in downstream activities across industries such as metals and alloys, NdFeB magnets, electric motors, glass, and optical glass manufacturing in India.
Mining and Beneficiation at Ambadungar
GMDC is developing one of the world’s largest rare earth deposits at Ambadungar, a village in Chota Udepur district of Gujarat. The development consists of an open pit mine, processing plants, tailings storage facility, water supply, bulk power supply, mine infrastructure, workshops, offices, modern residential facilities with a best-in-class living ecosystem.
Our Ambadungar deposits contain light rare earth elements or LREE’s which are critical minerals for most economies globally. The ore will be mined from an open-pit mine and transferred for processing through crushing, milling, conditioning and floatation to form a mixed rare earth concentrate.
Separation and Integrated Downstream Manufacturing at Bharuch
The mixed rare earth carbonate produced at Ambadungar will be transferred to our separation plant in our REE hub at Bharuch. The end-result from this separation process will be the valuable rare earth oxides – Nd, Pr, La, Ce.
These separated oxides will be converted into metals and further used in manufacturing products such as catalysts for catalytic cracking as well as rare earth magnets –which serve as the cornerstone for global transition to clean energy and mobility.