Loss of Original Share Certificate

In case the shareholder holding shares in physical mode has lost the original certificate, the shareholder can apply for duplicate share certificate.

Loss of share certificate(s) along with the transfer forms (if any) should be reported immediately to the Company giving folio number, share certificate(s) number, distinctive numbers etc. to enable the Company to note stop transfer of such shares.

Submit within 21 calendar days of intimation of loss of certificates to the Company, a copy of F.I.R. or copy of acknowledged police complaint, which should necessarily mention the date of loss, folio no., distinctive nos., certificate nos. to the Company.


Copy of an injunction order passed by a court of competent jurisdiction or a copy of plaint, which shall necessarily mention about date of loss of share certificate(s), folio no., distinctive numbers and number of shares lost along with the confirmation that the suit filed has been accepted by the court.

Any request for issue of duplicate certificate(s) should be sent to the Company along with a an affidavit duly executed on the non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 200/-

An affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 300/- affirming that the shares lost have not been sold and sworn in before a first class magistrate or a notary public should be sent to the Company.

An advertisement is required to be published in a newspaper having wide circulation at Ahmedabad. As per the existing policy for issuing an advertisement of loss of share certificates the shareholder is required to deposit Rs. 1000/- towards advertisement cost with the Company by way of Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of the Company payable at Ahmedabad.

The duplicate certificates will be issued only after complying with requisite formalities.

Please submit following documents with the application :

For any query regarding this issue, the shareholder can email at mcsstaahmd@gmail.com or write to the following address


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