• GMDC, Gujarat’s premier Mineral PSU, embodies the philosophy of symbiosis. By unveiling the mineral wealth of Gujarat, GMDC believes in the consortium of Man and Nature.
  • GMDC stays focussed in prioritising environmental concerns in its policy and simultaneously continues to take various pro-active measures for protection of the environment and ecosystem around its projects.
  • QEHS Policy has been declared, and our environmental management system of projects follows the same mandate in its day-to-day activities.
Quality Environment
Health & Safety Policy

Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. is committed to attain the leadership position.

  • To develop and extract major mineral sources available in Gujarat and further strive to leverage the competency to extend activities globally.
  • To manage and govern thermal power plants to generate reliable and uninterrupted power at competitive price.
  • Continually venture to harness renewable energy.
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited shall continually improve the quality, operation, environment, health & safety performance by reviewing objectives and setting targets in all areas of operation for sustainable development.

The team and other stake holders shall strive to achieve the objectives through total participation and focus on the following actions.

  • Communicate and provide appropriate information to ensure that the policy is understood, implemented, maintained and available to all working under the control of the organization.
  • Prevent, minimize and safeguard interests in terms of ill health, safety, resource conservation and environmental protection.
  • All the time comply with applicable environment, health & safety legal requirements and fulfill other compliance obligation.
  • Develop competencies to continually incorporate best practices.
  • Periodically review the policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.
The projects and corporate office of GMDC have an integrated management system for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018


  • Committed to the environment, with well-defined policies and environmental management practices.
  • Responsible mining and Thermal power generation with sustainable development framework in operations.
  • Conservation of natural resources.
  • Mining operations accompanied by reclamation and restoration.
Green and Reclaimed Mines
  • Green belt development with massive plantation.
  • Geo coir mats for dump stabilization and reclamation.
  • Creating habitat for biodiversity in reclaimed sites.
Conservation of Resources
  • Water conservation and recycling. Installation of drip irrigation systems, reusing treated mine pit water.
  • Rainwater harvesting with a focus on arid regions in Kutch and artificial recharge of groundwater through intake well V-Wire technology.
  • For water recycling - waste water treatment by ETPs & STPs.
  • For water conservation - installation of drip irrigation system and reusing treated mine pit water.
Dust-Free Mines and Plants
  • Green belt development with massive plantation.
  • Geo coir mats for dump stabilization and reclamation.
  • Creating habitat for biodiversity in reclaimed sites.
Stringent Monitoring
  • GMDC has well equipped laboratories for in-house environmental monitoring and analysis through an agency approved by the MoEF & CC, GPCB and NABL.
Harnessing Renewable Energy
  • Creating a sustainable future with renewable energy.
  • With Wind power projects and Solar power projects, we believe in sustainable energy.
  • Wind energy (200.9 MW) at coastlines.
  • Unique model of Solar power (5 MW) in reclaimed mines of Panandhro.
  • CO2 emission reduction with generation of Green Energy.
Environment Compliance and Go Beyond Compliance
  • Dedicated environment team for compliance of statutory environmental norms.
  • Sustainability reporting, water audits, energy audits, carbon footprinting.
  • Hydrological study for groundwater regimes.
  • Land use pattern study with remote sensing and drone survey.
  • ETPs, STPs, desalination plants, RO plants at sites.
  • Periodic EHS training of manpower.
  • Creating environmental awareness among the masses with social celebration of WED & Vanamahotsava.