Minerals & Mines



Reserves of Plant Grade Bauxite (≥ 52% Al2O3) and Non - Plant Grade Bauxite (40% - 51.99%  Al2O3) are found in Kutch as well as Devbhoomi Dwarka District.

GMDC is engaged in Bauxite Mining at Gadhsisa group of Mines, Dist. Kutch and Mevasa Bauxite Mines, Dist. Devbhoomi Dwarka from last four decades.

Plant Grade Bauxite is consumed for manufacturing of Refractories, Abrasives, Monolithic, Binder, Specialized Alumina Cement, etc.

Non - Plant Grade Bauxite is consumed in Aluminium Metal Extraction, Cement Industries, Manufacturing of Zeolites, etc.

Ongoing Bauxite Projects