Umarsar Lignite Mine

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Umarsar Umarsar Umarsar Umarsar Umarsar
Name of the Mine Umarsar Lignite Mine
General Manager Project Mr. R.K. Dash
Agent of mine Mr. R.K. Dash
Contact Details 02839 - 296693,
Location VillageTalukaDistrictState
UmarsarLakhpatBhuj (Kutch)Gujarat
Nearest Railway station Bhuj (140 km)
Nearest Airport Bhuj (140 km)
Lease Area 2186-76-00 Hectares
Reference coordinate Latitude : 23°42'00" to 23°47'00"
Longitude 68°51'00" to 68°53'00"
Mineral Mined Lignite
Balance Reserves 15.40 mMT as on 01/01/2018
Method of Mining Opencast Mining, Using Hydraulic excavators and dumper combination along with ancillary equipment such as Dozer, Water Sprinkler, Motor Grader etc.
Local Geological Formation PeriodSeriesFormation
Pleistocene to RecentAlluviumRann and blown sand
Lower OligoceneGaj Lower Nari to Lower Gaj Lower NariArgillaceous beds Arenaceous beds. Hard and compact Siliceous limestone
Up. EoceneKirtharNummullitic Limestone & marls
Lr. Eocene to middle EoceneLakiGypseous Clays and grey Shales associated with lignite
PaleoceneSupratrappeansClays and Laterite
Up. CretaceousBasic Volcanic Rocks/ Traps
CretaceousUmia and Bhuj beds Intrusives into cretaceousSandstones / Sand Basic intrusives
Sector Wise Lignite Users
  • Power
  • Textile
  • Cement
  • Ceramics
  • Chemicals
  • Bricks
Lignite Quality ContentReceived Base analysis
Total Moisture (%)28 - 40
Ash (%)18 - 20
Volatile Matter (%)30 - 35
Fixed Carbon (%)17 - 25
Calorific Value (Kcal/Kg)3000 - 3600
Total Sulphur (%)Upto 3