MD's Desk

MD's Desk

Shri Arunkumar Solanki, IAS
Arunkumar Solanki, IAS
Managing Director
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.

The state of Gujarat had witnessed a great challenge in terms of the sudden surge of Covid 19. GMDC also felt the impact, whether it be its human resource or its business operations. But the grit of its management, officers and employees helped to withstand the test of the time. During the early onset of Covid 19 pandemic GMDC had contributed Rs. 25 crore towards the CM Relief fund to supplement the state efforts to combat the pandemic. GMDC has always been sensitive towards its social responsibilities alongwith its business responsibilities. GMDC was able to cater the need of different categories of industries by uninterrupted supply of lignite as primary fuel for industrial and economic growth of the state. As most of our projects are situated in the remote regions of the state, health care facilities and health infrastructure requires special attention particularly in times such as these. At all our projects, special care was taken to adopt covid appropriate behavior not only amongst our own people but also all the persons who entered our premises, whether office or at mine site. Special mask distribution drive was carried out in villages surrounding GMDC projects. Sanitizer points were made available at strategic points. Our hospitals in Panandhro, Rajpardi and Akri Mota Thermal power project, provided much needed health inputs and services to the Covid affected employees as well as people residing in the villages surrounding these projects.

Apart from the above steps, GMDC has also reached out to its rural community by extending various CSR initiatives like road construction, hospitals, water conservation, school and anganwadis and much more.

During these Covid times, I urge every one to mask up, maintain social distancing and practice strict hand hygiene.

Of course, challenges are enormous. The new normal is compelling us to realign our thought process, organization process and operational processes. But I am sure, together we can overcome. As long as there is tomorrow, there is hope.

Stay safe, stay healthy.