Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
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GMDC was incorporated on 15th May 1963 to develop major mineral resources in the State and started with a Silica Sand quarrying plant near Surajdeval for crushing and screening of Silica Sand required for Glass Industry.

• Fluorspar Mining lease at Ambadungar, Dist. Chhotaudepur has been allotted to GMDC in 1964 and erection work of Fluorspar Beneficiation Plant was started in 1967. which was commissioned in 1971 to process 500 TPD Fluorspar ore to produce Calcium Fluoride concentrate, which is a raw material for manufacturing of Hydrofluoric Acid, Refrigerant gases, Aluminium fluoride, Synthetic Cryolite, Fluorine Chemicals and Flux in Metallurgical Industries.
• Bauxite mining was started as a scarcity work in 1964 at Dist. Kutch. Further, the Bauxite Mining operation was then expanded to eight operating mines (Gadhsisa Group of Mines) that produces Bauxite which is the raw material for metallurgical and non-metallurgical uses.

GMDC has been allotted a Bauxite Mining Lease at Mevasa , Dist. Devbhoomi Dwarka in 1965 and it has started its Bauxite mining operation in 1969.

GMDC has been allotted a Lignite Mining Lease at Panandhro, Dist. Kutch in 1974 and subsequently it has started its Lignite mining operation which gave an opportunity to GMDC to develop its first Lignite mine to cater the fuel demand of the Industries in the State. The industries have been benefitted by using Lignite which is not only competitive but also alternate as the State does not have any Coal reserves. To develop the first lignite mine in Gujarat with advanced mining technology, GMDC went ahead with the expansion plans by deploying continuous Mining Machinery - Bucket Wheel Excavators in the year 1988-89. Maximum production capacity of this mine reached beyond 8 mMT in 2006-07.

Lignite Mine of 1 mMT per annum capacity was opened at Rajpardi Dist. Bharuch in the year 1983 to cater the ever-growing fuel demand of industries in South Gujarat.

For value addition of bauxite, GMDC commissioned Calcination Plant at Gadhsisa, Dist. Kutch in 1994 with a capacity to produce 50000 TPA Calcined Bauxite, which is a major raw material for manufacturing Refractory, Monolithic and Castables.

As a diversification of business and value addition of Lignite fuel available in Kutch GMDC has established a 250 (125 X 2) MW Thermal Power Plant at Nani-Chher, Dist. Kutch with circulating the fluidised bed combustion technology (CFBC). The plant was commissioned in 2005.

To bring in efficiency and profitability in all areas of its working, the Government of Gujarat being the sole owner dis-invested 26% of its stake and the GMDC became a listed company (BSE&NSE) in the Corporate World in the year 1997 and is occupying a position within the top fortune 500 companies in our country with an annual turnover surpassing 1000 Crores with considerable annual growth rate.

• GMDC owned Corporate Office at Ahmedabad having an eight storied building with total land area of 0.92 hectares.
• Lignite Mine of 2.4 mMT per annum capacity was opened at Mata-no-Madh, Dist. Kutch in the year 2002 to cater the fuel demand of industries of the State.

Lignite Mine of 2.5 mMT per annum capacity was opened at Tadkeshwar, Dist. Surat in the year 2005 to cater the sustainable and committed fuel demand of Industries located in South Gujarat.

All Manganese bearing areas of Gujarat has been reserved for GMDC by Government of Gujarat. Hence a project to handle the manganese waste dump was established in 2006 to cater the requirement of the Industries of Gujarat.

Lignite mine of 3 mMT per annum capacity was opened near Bhavnagar in 2008 to cater the fuel demand of industries located in Saurashtra and Bhavnagar region.

As a commitment towards environment care and to have green foot prints, GMDC ventured into harnessing the wind energy and commissioned 200.9 MW wind turbines in Kutch, Porbandar, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Bhavnagar upto 2016.

The GMDC first implemented ISO-9001 at Corporate Office in 2010 and is in process to obtain for all the mines in operation with Occupational Health and Safety systems (OHS-18000) along with Environmental Management systems (ISO-14000) which are intended for achieving excellence in all areas where its people and stakeholders are connected.

• The GMDC also embarked on a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning system in 2011 covering the whole ambit of mining operations throughout Gujarat to achieve efficiency and complete the tasks in time with the minimum resources required.
• 5 MW Solar Power Project of GMDC was installed on the reclaimed mined out land of Panandhro Lignite Mine in Kutch which is first of its kind in the country, experiment to utilize the reclaimed land of mined out area.

• Lignite Mine of 1 mMT per annum capacity was opened at Umarsar, Dist. Kutch in the year 2015 to cater the fuel demand of industries.
• By developing six operating Lignite mines in the State, the GMDC become the largest merchant seller of lignite in the country.
• GMDC has set up a 1.5 million TPA Pyrite Removal Plant at Bhavnagar Lignite Project on Built on Operate (BOO) basis for removal of Pyrite nodules.

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